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Dynamic Web Development:

We offers a Standardized Website Development Process to our clients to ensure world-class services. The entire process is controlled and followed by a dedicated Software Analyst for each project. Also, the process we follow negates any chances of errors by plugging in customer approvals at every crucial stage of the Website Development effort. As the diagram explains, the Web Development Process would be a series of planned and standard development steps. The process would require close coordination between the client and our creative technical team. So if you are not interested in routine and monotonous tasks, our professionals are always ready to challenge those grey cells and develop applications that can be implemented across varied technology platforms. Our all-encompassing range of solutions stretches from the simplest of Web Applications to the most complex Automated Business Management Systems.

This is a starter business packages. We will design high quality website for your business. With this package you can add delete or modify your website content by yourself. If you need to make any changes, you need to refer to us.

Our Design Process:

Discovery : Understanding your website goals and audience.

Planning : Establishing timelines.

Content Architecture : Planning your website content and structure.

Design : Creating and refining interface and graphic design elements.

XHTML Conversion : After the design aproval from the client coding process starts.

Development : Bringing it all together.

Testing : Testing your web site in multiple browser environments.

Launch : Your web site goes live.

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